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Saturday 09 December 2017
GoCrea8 Hockey League
Taunton Vale 3rd 3,  Bridgwater Mens 1st 3
Bridgwater made the short journey to Taunton for a late afternoon game in the blistering cold. In a game that they were expecting to win they started off very slow and conceded the first goal. As the half continued Bridgwater began to take control and made some excellent chances to equalise but unfortunately were not able to make them count - the unluckiest was from a great run by Andy Taylor which ended with him being taken out by the Vale keeper as he rounded him but all was adjudged fair. Bridgy finally got their elusive first goal from an unlikely scorer - left back Dom Court. This was his first goal for Bridgwater 1s. Bridgy finally took the lead from great work from Will Pope who was able to sweep home whilst on the floor.
The second half began as the first ended with Bridgy looking to extend their lead which they did from a crisp strike from skipper Tom Lott. At this point Bridgy switched off for a couple of minutes losing their shape and let in two goals in two minutes, complacency set in and it cost them the game.
The final 15 minutes was played out with a few chances for both teams but with no one managing that winning goal. A drawn game which Bridgwayer felt they had lost and leaves them in 6th position in the league at the half way stage.

Man of the match - Will Pope
GoCrea8 Hockey League
Bridgwater Mens 2nd 6,  Bristol University 5th 5
After a cold night, play was in doubt with some teams missing games due to frozen pitch. The 2s looked forward to a good game against a struggling Bristol Uni side. Both teams arrived up with plenty of subs and it looked like it was going to be a feisty game. The game started off quickly with a good battle in the midfield. The first goal came for Bridgy from Rich Payne who pounced on a loose ball after a good shot from Aaron Turner. However, Bristol Uni did not let their heads go down after going a goal down early, and quickly responded with a goal of their own. It was soon 2-1 to Bristol Uni after a great reverse strike from the top of the D going into the top corner. After the early season goal drought from short corners, Bridgwater managed to add to their scoring streak over the last few weeks from them. This time it was after a botched-up routine which saw a sliced shot fall to Kody Fludgate at the back post to deflect it past the keeper. But the parity was short lived, and Bristol Uni scored a scrappy goal to go 3-2 up. Then the game swung back into Bridgwater’s favour when they managed to convert one of their short corners with a great strike from Will Kelly. Bridgwater’s concentration was not good enough towards the end of the half and they went into the break 4-3 down but the score could have been nearer to eight if all chances had been put away.

Bridgwater were still in the game, creating chances, and just needing that extra effort to keep pressing and they knew the gaps would open in the second half. Bridgwater started quickly, winning 50/50 chances and coming away with the ball. Bridgwater made a good chance starting with a great run down the right by Alfie Threlfall, who managed to pick a great pass to Mulberry Threlfall-Eyres at the back post for a tap in and Bridgwater were back in the game. But this time, they had plans to try and stop Bristol Uni getting ahead and with strong second half performances by the defence, it was not too long until Bridgwater had another short corner. This was expertly dispatched by Will Kelly for his second of the game, but this time he flicked it past the keeper and defence. Bridgwater’s pressing did not stop, trying to extend their lead. This lead to another goal after Threlfall-Eyres deflected a shot from Fludgate past the keeper for the first two goal margin in the game. All Bridgwater had to do was keep up the defensive performance for the final 15 minutes. But, with tired legs and constant pressure Bridgwater conceded a short corner. This was deflected into the goal by the injector past the Bridgwater defence. This made for an anxious last few minutes, but Bridgwater managed to hold on for a hard-fought win at 6-5. With half of the season gone, Bridgwater are now looking to continue their current run of form to climb up the table from 5th. Next week it is another home game, and Bridgwater are hoping to overturn the 5-0 defeat to Old Bristolains in the earlier away game.
GoCrea8 Hockey League
Bridgwater Mens 4th 6,  Taunton Vale 5th 0
It was a welcome change for Bridgwater to field a strong home side for the 4s which even included 2 subs. From the very beginning the team gelled well and took control of the game. It was good to have Mike Eele back following several weeks away with injury. The central midfield was packed with strong players who combined well and attacked relentlessly. Eele, Paul Tilley, Paul Blackmore, and Sam Uminski overran the Vale defence on numerous occasions.
The defensive regulars of Kev Hicks, and Alex McNeill were happy to have Alex Howe back in the left back position and were rock solid in keeping a clean sheet with keeper Mark Hutter only needing to make one real save in the game.

Bridgwater were great in attack but converted most goals from penalty corners where specialist Eele was unforgiving. He scored four and Tilley and Carwyn Jenkins (returning from injury) also got on the score sheet.
The 4s were dominant in this game and are aiming for a similar performance next week before the Christmas break but may however miss key players! Man of the match was deservedly Sam Uminski who battled throughout and it goes to show the dominance of the team when a player scoring four goals didn’t feature in the voting!! The 4s have consolidated their strong mid-table 6th place.
GoCrea8 Hockey League
Bridgwater Mens 5th 1,  ISCA 6th 7
The 5s fielded 15 on Saturday on a cold evening at the Chilton Stadium.
With last week's 1-0 loss still in the mind and knowing how the away game pushed ISCA to the wire, Bridgwater knew that they could possibly get a result. This was a long shot, but with the likes of Steve ‘the Gunner’ Turvey up top rarely seen in the 5s, and Tyler Fagan making a welcome return, anything was possible.
The game started in all too familiar fashion, the bus was well and truly on loan from Jose, the Alamo was stacked to the walls and Bridgwater’s defence was set to ‘Ultra’. ISCA came at Bridgwater with everything they had but shots were repelled by Steve Morrish, Jim Smith, Will Baldwin with support from pretty much everyone including Toby Knight, Fagan, Sam Thomas, Andrew Hayden-Briffett, Connor Gillespie. Matt Graham and Rowan James who were the wide defenders played solidly as well, making some tremendous tackles. Mark Beebe with Harvey Larcombe and Turvey were able to squeeze the ball up front with a keen runner in Ted Kelly creating a close chance. With half time looming Christian Durkin had made a string of good saves throughout the half, but the Alamo was broken as ISCA finally broke the deadlock to go a deserved 1-0 up. Bridgwater made a couple of flutters into the ISCA half but age and experience got the better of Bridgwater.
A cheeky half time Jelly Baby was taken despite Brexit cut backs, Fagan clearly has too much money to spend on such luxuries. A bright start was had by Bridgwater who tried to get at least some sort of hold in the game. Unfortunately luck was not shining on Bridgwater as they came a cropper to ISCAs youth who were very good. Goals 3,4 and 5 quickly followed as ISCA finally exploited the skills and space they had to offer - passing the ball well and scoring goals! But then Bridgwater sprung into life as Knight, Smith, Kelly, Hayden-Briffett and Beebe all linked well, got the ball to the calibre player of Turvey who sold the on rushing keeper a dummy and squared the ball to Larcombe, who pounced like a tiger in slow motion. BOOM BOOM BOOM a goal for Larcombe, welcome to the big league! his first adult goal. Two moments of the day came as Morrish stunned the crowd with a quality ball from a James pass to find a wide open Turvey. Also Turvey controlled a ball that was deflected off  two sticks, was well above his head and made a world class pick. After this the game became stretched as Bridgwater searched for more but unfortunately a skilful and stronger ISCA team scored two more.
A fine battling effort by the younger players and adults alike. Man of the Match  was close as Christian Durkin is looking more and more a keeper every week, Toby Knight played well, but goalscorer Harvey Larcombe took the crown this week - well done young man!

Selection Policy


As part of the preparation for the new season, the team selection policy has been updated and re-issued by the Committee.


It is available on the website here, and is used as guidance to all captains when selecting players for Bridgwater teams.

Membership Forms for this season now online. If you're an existing member, and you've signed up to emails from the club, then you should receive an email from Sue Chaplin, the Membership Secretary. If nothing has changed, then if you confirm by email, then there is no need to complete a new form.



Updates from the 2017 AGM

Club Officers 2017/18
President Sheila Burridge
Chairman Alan Baldwin
Vice-Chairman Carwyn Jenkins
Membership Secretary
Rachel Higgs/
Sue Chaplin
Secretary Bridget Hedaux
Club Captain Steve Turvey
Fixture Secretary - Men Rob Morrish
Fixture Secretary - Ladies Julie Morrish
Umpires Secretary

Julie Morrish

General Committee Geoff Banham
Equipment Dan Pigden
Press and Communications
(Social Media)

Alan Baldwin

(Duncan Morrish)

Social Secretary Karen Chilcott
Welfare Officer Sheila Burridge
Youth Representative Will Kelly
Disciplinary Officer Marcus Blyth
Team Captains

1st Men

Tom Lott
1st Ladies Cass Walker
2nd Men Mike Morrish
2nd Ladies Clare Wilson
3rd Men Phil Morrish
4th Men

Kev Hicks *

5th Men Steve Morrish
* co-opted by the committee after the AGM

Financial Decisions


It was decided that subscriptions should not be increased for playing members, and that subscriptions and match fees should stay the same as last year. In summary:


Adult Playing Member £70 *  
Non-playing/social Member £25 *  
Student member £40 *  
Juniors £25 *  
    *to be paid or standing order in place by 31 October
Match Fees    
Adult Member £8    
Students and Juniors £5  
Umpires Payment    
Per match £8  


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