Mens Hockey

Bridgwater Hockey Club runs five men's teams, all of which play a full programme of league hockey in the Verde Recreo West of England and South Wales Hockey League.


Ladies Hockey

The ladies section runs two teams, with both teams playing a full programme of league hockey in the West Clubs Women's Hockey League.


Youth Section

We're particularly proud of our youth teams, and we actively promote the inclusion of promising young players in the senior teams as soon as they meet the relevent eligibility criteria.


Junior coaching is provided during School terms on Tuesday evenings from 6:00pm until 7:00pm, covering a range of ages, with youth players welcome at club training on Tuesday evenings. More information is available in the Youth Section of the web site.

Mens 1st Team


Captain: Duncan Morrish

Ladies 1st Team


Captain: Lucy Burridge


Captain: Mike Morrish

Ladies 2nd Team


Captain: Clare Wilson


Mens 3rd Team


Captain: Marcus Blyth


Mens 4th Team


Captain: Ian Stradling

Mens 5th Team


Captain: James Kettlewell

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Latest League Updates

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Mens All Ladies All
Mens 1 Ladies 1
Mens 2 Ladies 2
Mens 3  
Mens 4  
Mens 5  

Training Times at Chilton Trinity 1610 All-weather Pitch.



Suspended for Summer



Suspended for Summer


Junior Training

Suspended for Summer

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