25 - Feb -2017 Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  1 v 2  Taw Valley 2nd (Away)


Bridgwater trekked down to Barnstaple this weekend to play Taw Valley 2s. With a home match draw under their belts, Bridgwater were keen to face their opposition.


Bridgwater were strong from the start, with the opposition first push intercepted by Karen Chilcott, who then made a break for the D, crossing to Kath Briggs whose efforts secured Bridgwater an attacking short corner, and a shot on goal from Kate Ward saved by the keeper. Taw were ruffled and moved the ball quickly out of their defence, finding strength in their captain in the centre of the pitch, but with Clare Wilson and Katie Morris cutting out play on the left, it wasn’t long before the ball was back in Bridgwater possession with Willow Hobbs and player of the match Julie Reed making excellent runs through the middle.


The game was fairly evenly spread, with both teams battling to get the ball out from their free hits. Niamh Dillon in defence had a cracking game putting pressure on her player and working well with Bridget Hedeaux to cut out Taw’s chances in the D.

Bridgwater played some great hockey with Tracy Gue attacking well in right mid field, connecting with Rossy Sheppy to create chances in the D via Briggs. Bridgwater then opened up the scoring with a rebounded shot from Briggs which came off the keeper & back into the goal.

Taw were quick to attack back, and just before half time had an unmarked player in the D take a successful shot on goal.


After half time, Bridgwater pressed hard, with some great tackles and intercepts being made by Hilary McNeil, supported by Dillon and Reed, to get the ball up the right wing to Ward. After multiple attacking short corners, Bridgwater continued to switch up their tactics with an aerial shot from Briggs, unfortunately saved by the super-goalie for Taw.

Taw started to make the most of their attacking opportunities, trying to drive the ball via their captain in the centre of the pitch through Bridgwater’s captain Miche Rushe, with Rushe maintaining the pressure and intercepting much of the play. Their second goal came after a number of Taw free hits on the left, and some questionable umpiring decisions, allowing their captain to drive straight into the D and into the goal.


Undeterred, Bridgwater maintained composure, with Dillon and Rachel Higgs battling hard in defence to ensure keeper Sue Durkin had to make only crucial saves, clearing the ball out to Hobbs and Briggs waiting on the forward line, making fantastic chances. Despite their best efforts with 3 attacking penalty corners in the final minutes, Bridgwater were not able to convert. Leaving the scoreline at a disappointing 2-1 loss.


Player of the match was midfielder Julie Reed.

12 - Feb -2017 Bridgwater   6 v 3  Taunton Vale  (Away)


Taunton and Bridgwater met in a Sunday friendly game designed to give non regular players the opportunity to play an eleven aside game.

Both teams fielded a combination of juniors, back to hockey ladies and a couple of regular players who added a touch of experience to assist the otherwise novice players.


Vale started off very positively and in a matter of minutes had opened the scoring to go one up. The Bridgwater defence consisting of three youngsters, Lauren Morrish, Jess Porter and Chloe Davey soon got into their stride however, and worked well to thwart more Taunton attacks.


Teenagers Beth Porter and Willow Hobbs took command in midfield with back to hockey player Karen Williams and youngster Gabby Blagg and Bridgwater were soon on level terms with Porter scoring for Bridgwater. At the end of the first quarter both teams had played some super hockey, in a fine spirt, in spite of the freezing temperature.

In the second quarter both teams found the net again with another back to hockey player, Dani Morgan scoring, with Beth Porter adding her second and Willow Hobbs also scoring, making it 4-3 to Bridgwater.


Karen Williams by now had switched to centre back playing superbly, clearing the ball and making some fine interceptions. As the game approached its conclusion, Willow Hobbs scored her second with Talia Bird scoring a fine goal from the right to make it 6-3 to Bridgwater.


It is hoped that there will be a rematch at Bridgwater very soon for these young players and back to hockey ladies to once again show their hockey prowess.

4 - Feb -2017 Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  3 v 0  Minehead 2nd (Home)


Another fantastic result for the Ladies 2s this week as they played Minehead 2s at home. Bridgwater started strong, putting pressure on Minehead from the off, Rose Baker and Annabelle Jay intercepting play through the middle of the pitch . Clare Wilson battled hard on the left to move the play up the pitch and into the attacking D. Minehead defence put pressure on the Bridgwater forwards with Karen Chilcott and Jess Shobbrook working hard to try and convert all opportunities.


Minehead were fast on their attack, but with Miche Rushe and Niamh Dillon putting the pressure on to cut out their advancing forwards, very few shots made it through to keeper Sue Durkin. After some great hockey being played for most of the first half, Bridgwater were finally awarded a goal when Jay, Shobbrook and Baker forced the play into the D, with Chilcott making the final touch to take Bridgwater 1-0 up.


The second Bridgwater goal soon followed, when attacking Minehead play was intercepted from their push back by Jay, and working well with Wilson on the left and Kate Ward on the right to push into the D to award Bridgwater with an attacking short corner. A well drilled corner saw the ball pushed out by Wilson to Baker at the top of the D, back through to Wilson to slot into the left corner taking Bridgwater 2-0 up.


Bridgwater continued to attack hard, with Tracy Gue and Shobbrook working well on the right, but Shobbrook’s chances for another goal were thwarted by an enthusiastic goalie brutally taking the 14 year old out in front of the goal mouth, and awarding the team an attacking short corner.


Coming back at half time, Bridgwater were determined to hold onto their lead, with Katie Morris and Rachel Higgs working tirelessly with Dillon in defence to cut down on Mineheads chances. Goalie Durkin had to make a handful of easy saves and any short corners were easily controlled by Morris and Higgs protecting the goal.


With 15 minutes left on the clock, Bridgwater seemed to tire, with Minehead attacking hard, keen to get a goal past, but Bridget Hedeaux, Wilson, Jay, Rushe and Morris kept up the pressure and with Rossy Sheppy supporting from up front, Bridgwater were able to make breaks in play to keep Minehead worried. Bridgwater soon got their mojo back, playing some excellent hockey – Gue driving up the right line to connect with Shobbrook to take play into the D, Wilson intercepting play on the left to connect with Jay and Baker. But the final goal game 1 minute before full time with a fantastic cross from Jay found Chilcott in the D to sweep the ball home for her second goal of the match and to take Bridgwater to 3-0.


A fantastic game from all players, but player of the match went to Annabelle Jay for her outstanding connecting passes. 

28-Jan-2017 Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  3 v 0  Taunton Vale 5ths (Home)


Bridgwater were keen for their home match against local rivals Taunton Vale, and kicked off the match spirited and determined to win.

Vale attacked quickly from initial push back, but their advances were soon cut out by Rachel Higgs and Niamh Dillon in defence. Player of the match Julie Reed connected well with Dillon and Kate Ward on the right to send the ball up to Jess Shobbrook on the right wing, but Vale’s experienced defence were stopping any free balls sent up the pitch to the forwards.


Connecting balls to Miche Rushe in the centre of the pitch allowed play to open up on the left, with Clare Wilson pressing hard up the wing and into the D. After a few thwarted attempts, Wilson’s persistence along the base line paid off, passing to Rose Baker just in front of the goal to knock it into the left corner. 1-0.


Bridgwater didn’t rest easy and picked up the pace to play some great hockey, taking into account the skills learnt at training to move the ball around the Vale players.  Continued attacking play down the left side from Wilson found Karen Chilcott in the D, but with Chilcotts shot narrowly missing, it was youngster Shobbrook who was in the right place at the right time, managing to deflect the ball to take her debut goal for the club. 2-0.


Coming back after half time, Bridgwater were determined to win this half too, and stepped up their game to play some great tactical hockey. Bridget Hedeaux in a change of position in centre forward gave the Vale defence something to think about, and Shobbrook continued to battle hard on the right with the support of Reed and Ward.

Vale made a few breaks in play, but with Katie Morris intercepting much of their attack and Higgs and Dillon tackling hard to get the ball back up to the Bridgwater forwards, keeper Sue Durkin had very little to do.


Bridgwater’s final goal came from the team maintaining the intensity across the whole pitch, Baker picking up the ball at the top of the D, passing through to Chilcott who calmly slotted the ball home, bringing the final scoreline to 3-0 to the home team.


Player of the match was Julie Reed


14-Jan-2017 Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  1 v 2  Sidmouth & Ottery (Home)


Bridgwater Ladies 2s were ready and raring to go this Saturday, facing Sidmouth & Ottery 2s at home at Chilton. Although they knew they were up against a youthful and quick side, and despite the previous 12-1 loss at the start of the season, they were keen to play a good game, and shifted their formation to play defence tactics.


S&O started quick and it wasn’t long before Katie Morris and Rachel Higgs in defence were put under pressure to keep them from scoring. Julie Reed in the centre intercepted much of the S&O play, but they continued to press hard down the right wing, with Bridgwater keeper and player of the match Sue Durkin having to make some strong saves.

Bridgwater were also making breaks into the D, with Kath Briggs and Rose Baker linking up in the centre of the pitch, finding Kate Ward and Rossy Sheppy working well on the right.

The first goal of the match came from S&O, after battling through Higgs, Morris and Miche Rushe in defence to slip the ball past Durkin and into a 1-0 lead.


Bridgwater came back strong after half time, with Hilary McNeil and Tracy Gue making good work on the wings in midfield. Niamh Dillon had a fantastic game at right half with Rushe supporting behind to push S&O’s advances wide. With some fantastic hockey being played down the right wing Jess Shobbrook and Briggs soon found Karen Chilcott in the D to knock the ball into the back of the goal to bring the scoreline 1-1.


S&O were rattled by the even score, and pressed hard for the last 10 minutes of play. Morris, Rushe, Dillon and Higgs were working tirelessly in the defending quarter to cut out all opportunities but S&O soon crossed the ball to a player on the post who took the opposition to 2-1. Despite Bridgwater’s best efforts, the scoreline stayed at 2-1.


Player of the match was goalkeeper Sue Durkin


26-Nov-2016 Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  4 v 1  Weston-s-Mare (Home)


Bridgwater were expecting a tough match this week, facing an unbeaten Weston sitting at the top of the league, so changed their usual formation to play a much more defensive game. Knowing there was strength in the middle of the pitch spurred Bridgwater to push forward from the first ball, and it wasn’t long before attacking play from Clare Wilson and Julie Reed was finding Kath Briggs in the D to make early shots on goal. With the first goal from Briggs scored within the first 10 minutes, Bridgwater’s spirits were lifted but knew they had to keep their heads to maintain a lead.

Weston were ruffled by an early goal, and pushed hard down the middle, but with Elesi Ryder and Bridget Hedeaux making strong tackles and interceptions, with an aim to keep Weston out of the D, keeper Sue Durkin was kept relatively trouble free. Niamh Dillon and Katie Morris gave outstanding performances in defence, keeping the Weston players out on the wings, tackling hard and pushing the ball out to Tracy Gue on the right. Pressure from all Bridgwater players soon lead to a second goal from Briggs, taking the score to 2-0 at half time.

Coming back into the second half, Bridgwater remained strong, with Hilary McNeil and Miche Rushe intercepting play in midfield to connect with Beth Porter making runs up front. Despite Bridgwater’s best efforts, Weston managed to slot one goal in. Bridgwater were soon on the attack again, with Willow Hobbs in the centre playing well to get past Weston, and Wilson finding Rose Baker on the forward line to advance into the D. A penalty corner in Bridgwater’s favour was expertly drilled with Briggs and Ryder working together to dummy the ball at the top of the D, for Ryder to smoothly send the ball into the back of the goal.

With 15 minutes still to play, there was still every opportunity for Weston to turn it around, but Bridgwater held their nerve with Rachel Higgs and keeper Durkin making great defensive decisions. One final penalty corner for Bridgwater was rewarded in yet another goal, making a hat trick from Briggs with a beautiful aerial shot which was perfectly placed to sail over the keeper & hit the back board of the goal.

Bridgwater remained strong with their head in the game for the rest of the match, keeping the score at 4-1 to take the 3 well needed points from the league leaders.


Player of the match was Kath Briggs for her fantastic play upfront 

12-Nov-2016 Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  3 v 0  White Eagles Ladies 2s (Home)


Bridgwater got a well deserved win this Saturday at home against White Eagles! Starting play from Bridgwater was strong, defending well with Julie Reed intercepting play through the middle, connecting with Clare Wilson and Meg Lane on the left to push into the attacking D. The White Eagles keeper saved numerous Bridgwater shots from player of the match Kath Briggs, but Briggs was relentless and was quickly rewarded with a goal to take Bridgwater 1-0 up. White Eagles responded with some quick attacking play, but were soon cut out by Niamh Dillon and Elesi Ryder in defence. Keeper Sue Durkin made light work of Eagles’ shots on goal, with Bridget Hedeaux pushing play out of defence. Reed and Miche Rushe worked play in the middle of the pitch, out to Jess Shobbrook on the right wing who battled hard past the Eagles defence to Briggs in the D. Shots defended by Eagles, the ball was played out to Wilson on the edge of the D who’s shot on target went flying into the left corner of the goal.

With the scoreline at 2-0, Eagles were spurred on to score, pressing hard down the wings pushing Hilary McNeill to intercept play on the right. Rossy Sheppey and Tracy Gue worked tirelessly in the attacking half, putting constant pressure on the defence. Quick breaks in play lead to Rachel Higgs having to make strong tackles to easily cut out the advancing Eagles forwards. With the last minutes of play in the attacking D, Bridgwater won a penalty corner as full time whistle was blown meaning the corner to be played before the end of the game. With the full Bridgwater team attacking the corner, Bridgwater kept up the intensity and the determination that had run through this weeks game, forcing the Eagles keeper to make countless saves before Beth Porter made a clean sweep into the goal, ending the game on a 3-0 win for Bridgwater

Player of the match was forward Kath Briggs.

22-Oct-2016 Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  2 v 2  Taw Valley Ladies 2s (Home)


Bridgwater started strong in this week’s match against Taw Valley 2s, with attacking play from Clare Wilson on the left wing, straight into the attacking D from the first push. Wilson maintained the strength on the left wing, connecting with Julie Reed in the centre, only to have shots saved by the defending Taw and an aerial shot fire over the goal.


Further attacking play saw Beth Porter have chances in the D, but the Taw defence were clearing all opportunities. Bridgwater took advantage of an attacking long corner, with Wilson once again taking the play towards the left wing and into the D, with player of the match Meg Lane making contact and slotting it into the left corner of the goal taking Bridgwater into the lead.

Taw Valley continued to attack hard down their right, with Bridget Hedeaux and Rachel Higgs in defence cutting out many of their chances, however despite Bridgwater’s best efforts Taw managed to put one goal away before the half time whistle.


Bridgwater came back in the 2nd half strong, with Kate Ward, newcomer Tracy Gue and Rose Baker making good movement on the right. Taw were quick with their attack, but Hilary McNeil and Miche Rushe intercepted much of the play in the middle of the pitch, giving Reed and Kath Briggs opportunity in the D.

Taw’s second goal came after a defending short corner passed around the Bridgwater defence and into the left corner. Not to be disheartened, Bridgwater maintained the pressure, and an intercept by Niamh Dillon in defence led to a Bridgwater free hit, which was swiftly taken in midfield by forward Kath Briggs, finding Jess Shobbrook on the right wing who battled past the Taw defence to calmly cross into the D to Lane who was perfectly positioned on the left post to send the ball straight into the back of the goal.


With only a few more minutes left on the clock, Taw pushed hard, resulting in keeper Sue Durkin plus McNeil and Dillon in defence to cut out their chances in taking the lead. Bridgwater continued to take advantage, with the whistle being blown for full time on the edge of the attacking D!


Player of the match was Meg Lane


Bridgwater have next week free of league matches, but will reconvene to battle Taunton Civil Service Away on the 5th November.

15-Oct-2016 Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  1 v 2  Minehead Ladies 2s (Away)


An unfortunate loss this week for Bridgwater Ladies 2s, with Minehead 2s just sneaking a winning goal to take away the 3 points.

Minehead took first push at their home ground, and attacked hard down their right wing, quickly engaging Clare Wilson and Bridget Hedeaux who successfully worked together to cut out the advancing play. With a few hard minutes in our defending quarter, it was clear that Minehead were going to be a tough opposition. However Bridgwater soon turned the play around with some great connecting passes from Willow Hobbs and Kate England in the centre, finding Beth Porter in the D who’s shot unfortunately hit the left post. Bridgwater continued to press hard, with Wilson and Rachel Higgs connecting well with youngster Jess Shobbrook on the left, who made light work of the Minehead defence, opening up fruitless opportunities in the D.

With the Minehead advances being successfully intercepted by Miche Rushe and Elesi Ryder in centre mid and centre defence, it was only when a break in play saw Minehead’s attack out number the Bridgwater defence 5 to 3, leaving Sue Durkin in goal with an impossible situation to defend, and Minehead slot home the opening goal just before half time.


After some motivational words from captain; Rushe, Bridgwater came back onto the pitch with renewed energy and spirit, cutting out Minehead play to keep them out of the attacking D, with Julie Reed and Kate Ward connecting on the right to push the play through to Rossy Sheppy. Keeping hold of possession for most of the game soon paid off, with the ball finding England at the top of the D, who sent it towards Sheppy who cleanly controlled the ball and sent it flying into the back of the goal.

With Bridgwater levelling the scoreline, Minehead were spurred on to take back the lead, and despite some fantastic intercepting play by Niamh Dillon and Katie Morris in defence, an unmarked Minehead player on the post managed to slot in a final goal to take them into the lead.

Bridgwater soon switched the play and spent most of the rest of the game in the attacking half, with some great play by Porter, Hobbs and Wilson, trying to find Sheppy and Shobbrook in the D, but Minehead’s strong defence blocked all the Bridgwater chances, leaving the scoreline at a disappointing 2-1.


Player of the match was Kate England.

1st-Oct-2016 Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  0 v 0  Winscombe Ladies 4s (Home)


Bridgwater were keen this Saturday for their match against Winscombe 4s. Historically the teams have always been fairly matched so we were expecting a good game. With a squad of 16, there was a risk that this many rolling substitutes would disrupt the match play, but refreshing the forward line every 10 minutes worked seamlessly and allowed Bridgwater to press hard in the attacking half for the majority of the match.


With Bridgwater dominating the play, Winscombe played defensively in their own half, with their goalie managing to save every shot fired at them. With Clare Wilson, Elesi Ryder and Kate Ward in midfield making some great opportunities pushing the play up the wings, Bridgwater were unlucky to not see any of their opportunities turn into goals. With the strong Bridgwater defence line cutting out all Winscombe breaks, Niamh Dillon, Bridget Hedeaux, Katie Morris and Julie Morrish stopped all advances into the D, allowing Bridgwater goalie Sue Durkin to not touch the ball once. With the final 10 minutes of the game played in the Bridgwater attacking quarter, support from the sideline drove the team forward, making some great attacking runs into the D, but unfortunately with Winscombe packing their quarter with their team meant the final scoreline remained at 0-0


Player of the match was Elesi Ryder

24-Sep-2016 Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  1 v 12  Sidmouth & Ottery Ladies (Away)


A tough match this week for the Ladies 2s who played the recently relegated Sidmouth & Ottery 2s Away. With a number of the regular squad unavailable, we had some of our new players step in to give a squad of 12 trekking down to Ottery.

The first ten minutes looked good, but with many  efforts overturned by the opposition we knew it was going to be a hard match. An early penalty corner against us was superbly defended by newcomer Hilary McNeil, and with Julie Morrish and Bridget Hedeaux playing a solid defence, Bridgwater managed to cut out the advancing opposition. A break for Bridgwater came when Karen Chilcott drew an attacking penalty corner, which was then fantastically converted by Julie Morrish's wide strike to Julie Reed sweeping it into the left corner. 
Unfortunately this early lead was not a sign of things to come, and Sidmouth & Ottery's skilful forwards had soon woken up to slot a few goals past the Bridgwater defence. 

Bridgwater seemed to get a new lease of life just before half time with Miche Rushe, Niamh Dillon and Beth Porter making some great tackles, allowing Kate Ward to really push forward on the right wing. With everyone taking what has been learned at training on a Tuesday into play, Niamh and Kate pairing up on the right, Katie Morris making some fab interceptions in defence, Sue Durkin making a ton of saves and newcomer Jess Shobbrook opening up the play on the left, it was a great team effort but a disappointing score line. 

Player of the match was Julie Reed

Next week Ladies 2s are home at 10.30 to Winscombe 4s

19-Mar-2016 Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  4 v 0  Taunton Vale Ladies 5th (Away)


Bridgwater played their last league game of the season away to Taunton Vale this weekend and came away with a 4-0 win.


Both teams fielded a mixture of youth and experience and it was a friendly but competitive affair. Rose Baker opened the scoring for Bridgwater with a crisp shot from the top of the D. This was followed soon after by a goal from Elesi Rider. Bridgwater continued to pressure the Vale defence with numerous runs up the wings from both Baker and Karen Chilcott. Bridgwater succeeded in scoring a third with Chilcott this time being on target.


In the second half Bridgwater continued to press for more goals but in spite of totally dominating the Vale defence, they could not break through. In the latter stages Clare Wilson scored a well-deserved goal to make it fa 4-0 victory.


Player of the match was Clare Wilson.

12-Mar-2016 Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  1 v 1  ECV Hornets 2nd (Home)


Bridgwater played their final home league game this weekend, hosting ECVH who were two places above them in the league. Bridgwater started the stronger of the two teams and for the first quarter of the game dominated the play. Rose Baker and Heather Tinkler came close on several occasions and Karen Chilcott had a very narrow miss at the near post. All this pressure amounted to nothing however, and ECVH took the league through a penalty corner. Bridgwater were then under the cosh as ECVH threatened to score again. Sue Durkin in the Bridgwater goal made a fine save, reaching well with her stick to deny the visitors a second. Bridgwater themselves had numerous penalty corners but luck was not on their side and the ECVH keeper was called upon to keep the ball out from several shots on target.


At the half time  team talk, Bridgwater decided to change tack with their next penalty corner. This took a while to come but eventually the attacking play paid off and a corner was awarded. Sue Chaplin’s pass came directly to Julie Morrish whose shot gave the near post marker no chance and hit the back of the net.


For the remainder of the game Bridgwater defended well and kept the score level until the final whistle.


Three players shared the player of the match accolade - Michelle Rushe, Rose Baker and Heather Tinkler.


Bridgwater have one league game remaining next week. A 3pm start away at local rivals Taunton Vale.

05-Mar-2016 Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  1 v 1  Winscombe 4th (Away)


Bridgwater came away with a point from a hard fought game this weekend. Bridgwater were one up within a very short time as Megan Weston scored after taking advantage of a bit of a scramble in front of goal.Bridgwater continued to press to try and increase this advantage with 'Back to Hockey' newcomers Rose Baker and Wendy Kilbey working well up front. They were ably supported by Beth Porter and Clare Wilson in midfield, and Bridgwater came close on several occasions.Against the run of play, Bridgwater saw their lead disappear when the defence failed to clear the ball sufficiently and the ball was slotted home for Winscombe to equalise


Bridgwater continued to pressurise with Sue Chaplin and Michelle Rushe plugging the central midfield so that Winscombe were unable to counter attack.

In the second half Bridgwater appeared to struggle with the bounce of the pitch and it was Winscombe who had the upper hand. Niamh Dillon and Willow Hobbs were incredibly busy on the right as Winscombe attacked down their left wing. Julie Morrish and Bridget Hedaux kept their heads in defence to clear any attacks and keeper Emily Blake was called upon to make two fine saves as Bridgwater kept the score level. The final whistle saw a thankful Bridgwater accept the point which keeps them in mid table.


Player of the match was Rose Baker.


Bridgwater are home next week at 10:30 against ECV Hornets.


27-Feb-2016 Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  2 v 1  Taunton Civil Service 2nd (Home)


Bridgwater secured another three points with a home win against local rivals TCS. It was the away team however, who opened the scoring when the Bridgwater keeper was wrong footed in a two on one situation in the D.


It was not Bridgwater’s best hockey in the first half with TCS youngsters carving through the Bridgwater defence quite easily. Eventually Bridgwater settled and got back on even terms through a Kate England goal.


The second half saw Bridgwater more dominant with some great combinations on both wings. The young Taunton keeper played superbly and it was difficult for Bridgwater to break through the defence. A cross from Heather Tinkler finally found an unmarked player in Megan Weston who was able to calmly slot the ball home.


Player of the match was Sue Chaplin for her sterling leg work in the Bridgwater defence.


13-Feb-2016 - Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  4 v 3  Weston Ladies 2nd (Home)


Bridgwater had a dream start against Weston in this rearranged league game, previously postponed due to a frozen pitch. Within a short space of time, youngster Beth Porter put Bridgwater ahead after she followed up on a rebound off keeper from her initial shot. Rose Baker made it two soon after, and Bridgwater’s attacking play was paying dividends. Weston were soon level though, following a penalty corner strike and a second goal, also from of a penalty corner.


Bridgwater settled again and continued to dominate the first half, using their rolling substitutes to great effect. The other Bridgwater forwards, Willow Hobbs and Megan Weston combined with Porter and Baker, but saw several chances go begging. Rose Baker was denied a second goal as her effort was deemed to have crossed the line after the whistle had blown, despite the award being in Bridgwater's favour.


It was Weston who had the best opportunity to take the lead however, when a Bridgwater player’s foot prevented a goal for Weston. Bridgwater keeper Sue Durkin stood determined in goal and saved the penalty to keep the score at two all. Bridgwater did take the lead through Willow Hobbs, and at half time were thankful to be in the lead.

Bridgwater had a less productive second half in terms of possession. Weston made it difficult for Bridgwater to move the ball from defence and the home team had to be very patient as Weston pushed continuously for an equaliser. This came from of another penalty stroke, this time Durkin was unable to prevent the goal.


Bridgwater managed to nudge themselves back into the lead through Megan Weston. Despite having to soak up more pressure in the final minutes, they held on for the win.


Player of the match was Rose Baker.


23-Jan-2016 - Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  1 v 2  Burnham Ladies 1st (Away)


With their regular keeper unavailable this week, Bridgwater had to travel away with a outfield player taking on the role. Bridget Hedaux was up for the challenge and did incredibly well to help her team only lose by the odd goal.

Bridgwater did not let the situation affect their determination to take the game to Burnham and they had a number of chances, some creeping just wide. With some relatively inexperienced players in the Bridgwater side they did well using their rolling substitutes to ensure that fresh legs were available at crucial times. Burnham scored first with a goal that may have defeated any keeper and Hedaux made a remarkable reflex save to keep the score to 1-0. Heather Tinkler and Rose Baker for Bridgwater worked well alongside youngsters Willow Hobbs and Beth Porter with Bridgwater owning the second half. Goals were very difficult to come by however and it was agony for Bridgwater when a shot saved by Hedaux saw the ball stick under the keeper’s feet and Burnham scored their second.

Bridgwater had to reorganise when they lost Elesi Rider with a hand injury but they continued to dominate the play in the second half. Their reward came with captain Julie Morrish finding the back of the net with a short corner strike. Only a minute later the final whistle blew leaving Bridgwater feeling proud of their performance but gutted at the score line.


Player of the match: Bridget Hedaux

21-Nov-2015 - Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  1 v 2  ECV Hornets 2nd (Away)


Bridgwater missed the chance of making it three wins in a row when they lost 2-1 away at Collumpton to ECV Hornets. Disappointingly, Bridgwater had the majority of possession, but couldn’t convert the chances they created.

ECVH went ahead against the run of play from a short corner which crept in at the post - this after Bridgwater had had several opportunities from corners themselves. Bridgwater then suffered a great loss when centre forward Lyn Wood limped off with a suspected torn cartilage. Kath Briggs equalised for Bridgwater after a ball out from defence worked its way up the right wing and Briggs slotted home the cross.

Unfortunately, Bridgwater were caught napping after the restart and ECVH went ahead again almost immediately. Bridgwater continued to press and Briggs was unlucky not to get a second when she found herself 1-on-1 with the keeper. The shot was saved and the rebound could not be converted by the waiting Bridgwater players. Bridgwater will be hoping for a better result next week when they face Taunton Vale at home in a local derby.


Player of the match was Kat Male


14-Nov-2015 - Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  4 v 0  Winscombe 4th (Home)


Bridgwater Ladies 2s had a superb win this weekend, making it their third victory in a row.

The home team were put ahead by Sue Chaplin after a good spell of attacking play which saw Karen Chilcott playing probably her best game for the club. Kate England and Heather Tinkler worked tirelessly up front alongside Chilcott making it difficult for the Winscombe team to penetrate the Bridgwater defence in the early stages.By half time Chaplin had put Bridgwater 2-0 up but the half team talk from captain Julie Morrish pushed for more from a side which were still playing in a lower gear than they were capable.


The opening spell of the second half saw Winscombe threaten from the start but Rachel Higgs, Bridget Headaux and Leah Davies held strong in defence to keep a clean sheet. Keeper Sue Durkin was not really troubled but her kicking skills were required on several occasions to clear the loose balls

With Willow Hobbs, a youngster in her first season with the senior team, playing an outstanding game on the right, Bridgwater went three up when Hobb’s cross was met by England who slotted the ball home. With Chaplin and Kat Male commanding the midfield and Elesi Rider letting nothing through the centre of defence, Bridgwater kept the pressure on Winscombe and got a well-deserved fourth goal from Chilcott. Clare Wilson was unlucky not to get a goal when her fine strike from a penalty corner was well saved by the keeper.

Bridgwater will be looking to extend their unbeaten run, albeit with a tough away game against ECVH next Saturday.

Player of the match was Willow Hobbs.

07 Nov 2015 - Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  2 v 1  Taunton Civil Service 2nd  (Away)


Bridgwater had a dream a start to this game when within two minutes, Clare Wilson found herself unmarked within the D. Her shot beat the keeper just inside then post and Bridgwater were one up. This spurred Bridgwater on to attack continually and Civil Service had a difficult time fending off the Bridgwater forwards.
The home team settled and created their own chances with Bridgwater having to defend their lead. Both teams had a mixture of youth and experience with the play being evenly spread.

Civil Service equalised shortly after the start of the second half and continued to push for their second goal. It was Bridgwater who took the lead again however, when a stunned Heather Tinkler saw her shot deflected into the opposition goal.

Bridgwater looked as though they would hold on to the lead but were shocked when the ball ended up in their net. The umpires however, had spotted an infringement and the goal did not stand. Thankfully Bridgwater netted the three points from a well fought match.


Player of the match was Clare Wilson

10 Oct 2015 - Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  2 v 4  White Eagles 2nd  (Away)


The Ladies 2s lost 4-2 to White Eagles 2s away in Tiverton. It took us 1/4 of the match to get used to a very slow, choppy pitch but a great team effort once we got into it. We were 3-0 down at half time meant we technically won the 2nd half 2-1!


Player of the match was Kat Male, and special recognition to 14yo Niamh and Willow who performed excellently considering theyve only played 1 or 2 matches in the senior league.


Next week we're back in Tiverton to play the White Eagles 3rds.


03-Oct-2015 - Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  0 v 1 Burnham  2nd  (Home)


Burnham would have gone away from this game in disbelief as they could only muster nine players and surely thought that they would be in for a rough ride. However, within a couple minutes of the start they had gone ahead through a penalty corner.


This did stir Bridgwater up but by half time although they had produced many shots on target, none of them really troubled the inform Burnham keeper.

A strong half time team talk saw a much improved Bridgwater performance but the play in the final area of the pitch let the home team down this week. Bridgwater just did not capitalise on the fact they had players over and although they tested the keeper far more in the second half. Their efforts were to no avail.
A much more physical approach and deep rooted desire will be needed for a tough away game at Tiverton next week.


Player of the match was Heather Tinkler.


26-Sep-2015 - Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  1 v 4 Weston Ladies 2nd  (Home)

Bridgwater will feel unfortunate that they did not come away with any points from this match, as the score did not truly reflect the game. The sides were quite even and both teams had a core of youngsters playing, which reflects well on both clubs.


The need for experience was still apparent however, and Bridgwater were thankful for having Elesi Rider and Heather Tinkler doing so much leg work in midfield. They were supported on the right by Beth Porter, who is developing into a confident player in only her second senior season.  Kate Ward and Willow Hobbs, who was debuting in the senior team, covered the left.

Weston came up trumps from their penalty corners which resulted in two goals giving them the lead at half time. Bridgwater unfortunately, did not manage to create any chances of this nature until the second half.


A more confident Bridgwater pushed the play into Weston’s half with newcomer Lyn Wood combining well with regulars Karen Chilcott and Megan Weston. The award of a short corner to Bridgwater saw captain Julie Morrish power the ball straight through the ‘keepers legs, giving the away team something to fight for.

Unfortunately, Bridgwater let in two more goals which although may have put the game beyond reach, did not deter the enthusiasm and work ethic of the players. A chance from a well-worked long corner again saw captain Morrish put the ball into the Weston net. However, the umpire left the away team nonplussed when he decided to disallow it.


Right to the end, Bridgwater had to defend and with a mixture of experience from Bridget Hedaux and youthfulness form Niamh Dillon, who again had an outstanding game, keeping the score at 4-1, with a meeting with Turnham next week.


Player of the match was Elesi Rider.

19-Sep-2015 - Bridgwater Ladies 2nd  3-1 Cheddar Ladies 2nd (Home)


In their final friendly before the league season starts next week, two players were making their debuts for Bridgwater; Vicki Parrish, an ex West Wilts player and Niamh Dillon, a youngster who was making her first appearance in senior ladies hockey.


The home side made some promising attacks early on, dominating the midfield with some good linking play from Elesi Rider and Heather Tinkler, but the Cheddar ‘keeper played superbly to keep the ball out. 
Young Beth Porter showed a good level of maturity defending well at right mid field and also joining up with her forwards to try and penetrate the Cheddar defence.


Karen Chilcott narrowly missed, placing the ball wide from a super cross from the right wing supplied by Jenny Hayden- Briffett.


Kath Briggs broke the deadlock after several shots had been saved and she eventually snatched the rebound slotting the ball beyond the ‘keeper. Jenny Hayden-Briffett made it two nil to Bridgwater in similar fashion.
In the second half, Cheddar started really strongly and full backs Julie Morrish and Bridget Hedaux needed all their wealth of experience to prevent Cheddar from getting back in the game. Parrish at centre back had a great game, picking off the Cheddar defenders and clearing well from defence.

Bridgwater ‘keeper Sue Durkin, who had had very little to do but who was kicking the ball superbly, was finally beaten when she was left a little exposed when a Bridgwater counterattack broke down.


In midfield, Clare Wilson and Lucy Burridge continued to remain strong and rebuild for Bridgwater. The hard work paid off with Briggs scoring her second goal with a cross supplied by Wilson. This third goal seemed to deflate Cheddar who never really looked like threatening the Bridgwater goal again.


Player of the match was Beth Porter.


Bridgwater are away next week to Weston.

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