11- March -2017 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  5 v 2 Nailsea  (Home)

Bridgwater earned a win and vital 3 points in this home fixture against Nailsea. Within the first few minutes Nailsea caught Bridgwater napping and nicked a goal. This was enough to wake up the home team and they quickly equalised from a penalty corner converted by Willow Hobbs. A second followed again from a corner this time scored by Donna Cooper. For most of the second half it was one way traffic in Bridgwaters favour. Strong attacking runs down the right side from Laura Coles and in the middle from Heidi Martin and Cass Walker troubled the visiting defence. Bridgwater played for and won numerous penalty corners and this brought them their goals - a couple more from Cooper and one from Emma Hill. So with ten minutes to go they looked comfortable in the lead but then a lapse in concentration gifted Nailsea a goal. Bridgwater recovered composure and saw out the rest of the game. Final score 5-2 win. Player of the match Willow Hobbs.


4- March -2017 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  1 v 4 Clifton  (Away)

Clifton were straight out the block with an early goal, following this Bridgwater maintain discipline with an impressive goal from Cass Walker, after end to end play Clifton got a second goal just before the half time whistle. Tactics that were discussed at half time were implemented through the second half and this kept Clifton out of the middle. The Clifton squad of 16 and their superior fitness contributed to two further goals. Not deterred Bridgwater kept their heads up and continued with some attacking defending play creating opportunities but unable to convert. Final score 4-1. Player of the match Emma Hill. Bridgwater play again tomorrow for the rearranged game vs Winscombe


4- Feb -2017 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  1 v 0 Taw Valley  (Away)


Bridgwater secure a much needed three points with a win over Taw Valley.
It was always going to be a close fought contest but Bridgwater started strongly and had soon put pressure on the Taw Valley keeper with some good play from youngsters Willow Hobbs and Beth Porter up front.
There was a real battle for possession in midfield with Cass Walker, Lucy Burridge and Julie Reed working strongly to both hold onto the ball and dispossess the opposition. 25 minutes into the game Bridgwater won their first penalty corner which was struck by Cass Walker and converted by Donna Cooper on the post.

Bridgwater had to soak up a lot of pressure in the second half as Taw Valley had numerous quick breaks. Bridgwater’s defence of Becca Tasker, Donna Cooper, Julie Morrish and Emma Hill did a solid job of keeping them out. Some good link up play was needed down the left hand side between Emma Hill and Kate England to get the ball away and clear. Taw Valley won themselves several penalty corners but in the Bridgwater goal, Amy Burridge denied them the goal they were looking for. In the last 10 minutes of the game Bridgwater found themselves in several one on one's, created by Becca Tasker and Kath Briggs. It was only the Taw Valley keeper that kept them in it.
Player of the match Emma Hill.

28- Jan -2017 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  0 v 2  Taunton Vale 2nd  (Away)


In this local derby Bridgwater were hoping to repeat the quality they’d shown against ISCA in their last game. From the start Bridgwater looked to take the game to Vale. Some determined forward running from Becky Oram and Kath Briggs brought a couple of chances that just skimmed the keeper and the post. Taunton responded with good linking play down their right side but Jenny Hayden-Briffett and Cass Walker were on hand to keep them at bay. In the Bridgwater goal Amy Burridge made a handful of well timed saves which saw the first half out all even at 0-0.


It was clear this would be an end to end game with relentless attacking from both teams. Bridgwater did a good job of stepping to close the ball and deny Vale the space they desired. Breakthrough came when Vale managed to squeeze a goal in from the baseline. Not deterred, Bridgwater continued to press forward and saw an open goal chance go narrowly wide. Bridgwater were disappointed to concede a second from a goalmouth scramble that wasn’t cleared. Bridgwater kept looking for a goal with a spell of good pressure down the right from Julie Morrish, Lucy Burridge and Megan Smith. The tempo of the game did not relent until the final whistle. Cass Walker had been pivotal at the centre of the Bridgwater defence and justifiably won player of the match.

14- Jan -2017 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  1 v 1  ISCA 3  (Away)


Bridgwater were facing league leaders ISCA in their first league game following the Christmas break, on a slowly thawing, water based pitch at Exeter University. The opening game of the season had seen Bridgwater defeated heavily and they knew that they were in for a difficult game in this rematch. 


In the opening few minutes , Bridgwater’s right back Becca Tasker and mid fielder Megan Smith found that the slippery surface was going to play a part in the game, as both players ending up slipping badly as they struggled to find their feet.

Bridgwater started very positively however, with a game plan to keep their defence tight to prevent ISCA from penetrating the middle channel. This worked to great effect as the defence held firm with some fine play from Donna Cooper, Julie Morrish , Sue Chaplin and Tasker, who was now successfully  combating the unthawed areas of the pitch.

With the midfield holding strong and supplying balls up front to Becky Oram and Lucy Burridge, Bridgwater found themselves one nil up when Oram put home a ball that the ISCA keeper failed to clear.


This stunned ISCA who came back strongly in the latter stages of the first half. However, with some sterling work by Laura Coles, Heidi Martin, Emma Hill and Megan Smith in midfield, Bridgwater took the one nil lead into the second half.

Youngsters Beth Porter and Willow Hobbs  provided  fresh legs up front as Bridgwater continued to hold the lead, soaking up a great deal of pressure from the ISCA forwards. Eventually, ISCA got back on even terms with a goal from a penalty corner.

Unflustered, Bridgwater continued to work hard to keep themselves in the game with captain and keeper, Amy Burridge,  making some extremely crucial saves.

With the clock ticking Bridgwater had to face a succession of penalty corners, all of which ISCA failed to put away.


With the sound of the final whistle echoing in their ears, Bridgwater were jubilant as they celebrated what felt like a win, as they are the only team so far to take a point off top of the table ISCA,  as well as being the only team so far to score a goal against them at home.

Player of the match: Amy Burridge


26- Nov -2016 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  4 v 3  Weston -s- Mare  (Away)


In this final game for this half of the season Bridgwater travelled to Weston, a team sitting above them in the league. Despite a sluggish start Bridgwater still created chances and won penalty corners. From one of these they scored, after the ball had pinged back and forth Donna Cooper finally forced the ball over the line. It was Cooper who saved on the line at the other end of the pitch when Weston had a run of corners. Weston scored from a corner meaning the teams were all square at half time. The second half was all about Becky Oram - the Bridgwater forward got a hat trick of goals - all if them solo efforts when she set off on a forceful run ending with a one on one with the keeper. So Bridgwater found themselves 4-2 up! Weston weren't finished though and hit back on the break scoring another two. Final score 4-3 to Bridgwater. Undisputed player of the match was Becky Oram.

20- Nov -2016 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  1 v 1  Firebrands  (Away)


Bridgwater dominated the first half forcing Firebrands wide and preventing play down the middle. Donna Cooper scored in the first 10 minutes from a penalty corner on the near post. Bridgwater turned the pressure into penalty corners and at half time Bridgwater were unfortunate not to have scored from a further 2 corners.


The second half saw a strong opening from Firebrands but Bridgwater defence of Sue Chaplin, Cooper, Julie Morrish and Cass Walker absorbed this well and kept possession. Mid way through the half Firebrands had a good spell of possession which forced a penalty corner, which was initially saved but with the 2nd shot lifted, it sailed past the Bridgwater defence and keeper. The last 10 minutes were tense with both teams wanting another goal. Bridgwater pressed into Firebrands half and in reply Firebrands pushed for a goal, but Bridgwater defence kept composed and managed the pressure.


Final score 1-2 and Player of the match went to Sue Chaplin

06- Nov -2016 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  1 v 2  Clifton 3s (Away)


Bridgwater faced a Clifton team currently in second place in the league. Bridgwater had a confident start, moving the ball well and running aggressively at their opponents. Clifton played a similar game but the Bridgwater response was some clever channelling and well timed tackling.

Penalty corners were won by both teams but it was Clifton who were first on the scoresheet. Early in the second half Bridgwaters equaliser came via an open play goal from Heidi Martin, following a strong drive into the attacking D from Becky Oram. Both teams pressed for a winner and in the Bridgwater goal Amy Burridge was solid, making several diving saves. The Bridgwater defence throughout played as a unit so it was no surprise most of the player of the match votes went their way. To Bridgwaters disappointment Clifton managed to break the defences and clinched a late winner.

Final score 1-2

Player of the match AmyBurridge

12-Mar-2016 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  0 v 1  Taw Valley 1st (Away)


Bridgwater travelled to Barnstaple for a tough fixture against Taw Valley. The opening spell saw Bridgwater with plenty of possession, attacking down the right through Laura Coles and Charlie Lewis. Taw's defence was solid and Bridgwater weren't able to get many shots away. End to end play followed and Taw scored the only goal of the game from a well taken short corner.


The second half played out much like the first until, but with 12 minutes to go Taw lost their key defender to a facial injury. What followed was a concerted effort by Bridgwater to score. Penalty corners and free hits were won but the ball just wouldn't go in. Taw held out and came away with the win.


Player of the match was Donna Cooper. 

05-Mar-2016 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  2 v 0  Old Bristolians 2nd (Home)


Bridgwater opened in the same way as last week with a dominant start, but this week maintained it for the whole 70 minutes. 


Most of the posession was with Bridgwater who forced several short corners. The breakthrough was to come when Kath Briggs converted from open play. Old Bs had a handful of opportunities but this was dealt with by Bridgwater defence and keeper. Bridgwater continued to move the ball with some flowing passes, and a lovely move involving Charlie Lewis and sweeper Donna Cooper who had pushed up high, found Heidi Martin with a touch in at the far post. 


The second half played out much like the first with Bridgwater dominating posession and play. On the occasions that Old Bs found a way through, Bridgwater defence intercepted, working so well as a unit. In particular Becca Tasker selflessly marked the high player out of the game which neutrilised her effectiveness.


Player of the match was Laura Coles. 

27-Feb-2016 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  3 v 2  Sidmouth & Ottery 1st (Away)



It was drama from start to finish which began with Bridgwater being told the wrong venue and arriving at Sidmouth when they should be at Ottery. After racing to the pitch, Bridgwater were told that the game would start immediately, before captain (goalkeeper) and kit had even arrived making a frantic start to the game. 

Unfazed by this, Bridgwater were 3 goals up up in the first 20 minutes. Two goals coming from Kath Briggs - one a rebound from a short corner lifted over the keeper,  and the second a deflection from Jo Bromme's hit into the D. Bridgwater’s third goal came from a short corner from Donna Cooper.


The second half saw a flurry of three green cards to Bridgwater and Sidmouth were awarded a penalty flick which they converted and with eight minutes to go Sidmouth scored a second. What followed was an intense final five minutes which saw three separate yellow cards to Bridgwater and a run of short corners awarded to Sidmouth. Bridgwater kept their opponents out and finished the game securing the three points they needed. 


Player of the match was Kath Briggs. 


06-Feb-2016 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  3 v 2  Mid-Somerset 1st (Away)


Finally Bridgwater Ladies claimed three points with a much deserved win. Bridgwater scored early from their first short corner with a deflection from Donna Cooper. Bridgwater held strong for the majority of the first half but a good cross from Mid-Somerset saw a top corner deflection to level the score. Soon after, Bridgwater replied with a solo run from Charlie Lewis making the score 2-1 at half time.


Chances fell to both teams in front of goal but it was Bridgwater that had success scoring their third goal from a short corner, initially saved by the keeper but put in by Donna Cooper. Within the last five minutes, Mid-Somerset claimed a second goal and were looking for an equaliser, but Bridgwater held out for the last few minutes, coming away with a well-deserved win.


Player of the match was shared between Laura Coles and Lucy Burridge. 

30-Jan-2016 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  0 v 2  Firebrands 3rd (Away)


A familiar pattern is emerging - Bridgwater score early, the umpire disallows the goal, and then Bridgwater struggle to get the ball in the net again, despite chances.  


This was the story today away at Firebrands, where early pressure rewarded Bridgwater with a penalty corner.  Donna Cooper on the baseline put the ball away but was judged to have back sticked the ball.  Much of the half was played in the middle quarters of the pitch with both defences doing a good job of denying entry to the 'uglee zone'.  Deadlock was broken late in the half when Firebrands found a way through and put in a goal at the far post.


The second half played out much like the first with end to end play and equal possession.  Amy Burridge in the Bridgwater goal had a confident game, closing down runners and calmly clearing anything directed at her.  Bridgwater created more chances than in the first half but couldn't convert.  Firebrands had a spell of pressure late in the game and with 30 seconds to go put away a second goal.  


Player of the match was Jo Bromme.

23-Jan-2016 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  0 v 4  Winscombe 1st (Away)


The scoreline of this home fixture against Winscombe didn't truly reflect the game.  Bridgwater had plenty of possession and had the ball in the net within ten minutes only for it to be called back as the umpire had already blown.  A run of penalty corners and still Bridgwater couldn't convert.  Winscombe however scored twice in quick succession - Bridgwater's defending wasn't as watertight as last week.


More end to end play in the second half saw both teams with chances but Winscombe capitalised (by netting a further two goals) and Bridgwater didn't.  So it was a disappointed Bridgwater team who reflected after the game on chances created but not converted.  


Joint players of the match were Hannah Davis and Jo Bromme.

16-Jan-2016 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  2 v 2  Shepton Mallet 1st (Away)


Bridgwater travelled to Shepton to take on the current league leaders in this first game after the Christmas break.  


Bridgwater were quickest out of the blocks and from the start showed the home team they meant business.  Most of their attack came down the left side of the pitch with Emma Hill and Becky Oram linking well. Bridgwater opened the scoring when a well-placed penalty corner strike was tapped in at the post by Donna Cooper.  Shepton replied with a fine solo run and shot by their speedy centre forward.  Bridgwater played some intelligent hockey, forcing their opponents to go wide from their 16's and then dispossessing them on the sideline.  The midfield duo of Charlie Lewis and Laura Coles worked tirelessly to intercept and chase down in the centre of the pitch.  


Bridgwater's second goal was a solo effort from Becky Oram who picked up the ball outside of the 23 and didn't stop till the ball was in the net.  Bridgwater's desire to get forward was with them all game and they were unlucky not to increase their lead.  To Bridgwater's disappointment Shepton got a late equaliser so the final score was 2-2.  The votes for player of the match reflected how good a team performance this was with seven players sharing the votes.  


Joint players of the match were Goalkeeper Hannah Davis, Donna Cooper and Charlie Lewis.

13-Dec-2015 - Somerset Cup Quarter Final - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  5 v 1 Chard (Away)


Bridgwater travelled to Chard on Sunday for the Quarter finals of the Somerset Cup.

Bridgwater were always in command in the game, dictating the pace but it was 20 minutes into the game before Bridgwater got their first goal - tapped in by Kath Briggs. Closely followed by a second from Briggs after a good build-up from midfield. 


Bridgwater won their first penalty corner in the second half. Great link-up play from Laura Coles, enabled Donna Cooper deflect the ball into the goal from the line. 
Bridgwater built confidence and moved the ball well around the back, with Becca Tasker, Donna Copper and Jenny Hayden-Briffet delivering some great balls down the line. 

Briggs eventually secured her hattrick with some tireless work up front. It was Chard who scored next, catching Bridgwater napping from the restart with something of a consolation goal. Becky Oram's work rate for Bridgwater was rewarded with a fourth goal from open play. 


With only five minutes to go, drama ensued when Bridgwater keeper Amy Burridge was deemed to have kicked the ball outside of the circle and given a green card with the automatic two minute suspension. Bridgwater were left to defend a penalty corner without their recognised keeper. Lucy Burridge stepped up to wear the helmet, and the Bridgwater defence dealt with the penalty corner, and played out the rest of the game in their opponents' half to reach the semi-finals of the Somerset Cup.


Player of the match was Kath Briggs. 

28-Nov-2015 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  0 v 3  Tauton Vale 2nd (Away)


Bridgwater travelled to Taunton Vale on Saturday for their traditional local derby.


From the start Bridgwater were strong in their tackles, but  Taunton Vale moved the ball around at a quick pace. Taunton Vale won several penelty corners, but these were dealt with by a combination of Bridgwater's defence and goalkeeper. It was a Taunton Vale attack that resulted on a 1-on-1 situation, resulting in the opening goal. The teams continued to be well-matched in the middle of the pitch, with Charlie Lewis and Laura Coles standing out for Bridgwater.

In the second half, Taunton Vale stepped up the pace, and their second goal came from a 3-on-1 overload of the Bridgater keeper. Bridgwater had to soak up plenty of pressure, but it wasn't all one way traffic. Bridgwater used the lines really well but struggled to penetrate the opposition circle. It was while Bridgwater were pushing forward that Taunton Vale took the opportunity to score the third, and the last goal of the game.


Player of the Match was keeper Amy Burridge. 

21-Nov-2015 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  1 v 2  Taw Valley 1st (Home)


Bridgwater put in another solid performance but again the luck was with their opponents.  A lively start from both teams saw Taw Valley pressure the home goal but keeper Amy Burridge made a run of good saves and interceptions. Play swung in Bridgwater's favour and a right side attack from Becky Oram saw Heidi Martin score from close range.


Taw got a goal early in the second half from open play driving down the middle of the pitch. The remainder of the second half was evenly matched, with both teams pressing forward looking for the winner. With minutes to go and a draw looking the most likely Taw crossed from the baseline and the ball took a cruel deflection past the sprawling Bridgwater keeper for the winning goal.


Player of the match Laura Coles. 

14-Nov-2015 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  1 v 2  Old Bristolians 2nd (Away)


In wet conditions on Saturday, Bridgwater faced Old Bristolians and from the start Bridgwater pressed forward. Chances were created with several one-on-ones, but Bridgwater just couldn't convert the chances into goals. Against the run of play, Old B's had a quick break and slotted the ball past the oncoming Bridgwater keeper.


The second half saw plenty more attacks from Bridgwater and finally the breakthrough came when Becky Oram slotted home to bring the scores level. With the final five minutes approaching Old B's had a solid run of possession and several penalty corners.  


It was from open play that Old B's managed to squeeze the ball through the Bridgwater defence giving them the lead and the points.

24 Oct 2015 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  1 v 2  Clifton 3rd (Away)


Bridgwater again were runners up in this fixture away to Cliton 3s. Clifton applied most of the pressure in the first half but the Bridgwater defence and midfield contained them. Despite Clifton winning at least half a dozen short corners, the Bridgwater defence denied them. With ten minutes of the half left, Clifton opened the scoring from open play, by switching the ball across the front of goal.

Bridgwater came out strong in the second half and a string of quick passes through midfield opened up the Clifton defence and resulted in a succession of short corners with Bridgwater's Charlie Lewis getting a goal. Posession changed rapidly between teams, and Bridgwater's midfield of Charlie Lewis and Laura Coles worked tirelesly. Late in the game Clifton scored from a quick break and finished with a reverse hit across goal, which gave them the victory.

17 Oct 2015 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  1 v 3  Mid-Somerset 1st (Home)


Bridgwater hosted Mid-Somerset who were lying just below them in the table.


A lively start saw posession switch quickly between the teams. Bridgwater were guilty of a few inaccurate passes in midfield which gifted Mid-Somerset possession on their front foot. A run of penelty corners were conceded but were well defended. Bridgwater were then judged to have committed a deliberate offence in front of goal and a penelty stroke was awarded. Although Amy Burridge in the Bridgwater goal dived the right way the stroke was well taken and high enough to beat her. Mid-Somerset's second goal came from a penalty corner touched in on the post. 


Bridgwater looked like scoring in the second half, stretching the Mid-Somerset defence and winning a succession of penalty corners. Bridgwater's goal came from a penelty corner, thanks to a tap in on the left post from Donna Cooper. Against the run of play Mid-Somerset scored a third and ran out 3-1 victors.


Joint players of the match were Donna Cooper and Charlie Lewis.

10 Oct 2015 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  1 v 1  Firebrands 1st (Home)


Visitors Firebrands elected to play a kicking back rather than a GK and this effectively gave them an extra mobile defender.  Their backline was therefore difficult to breakdown and they did a good job of protecting against penalty corners.  Play switched rapidly from end to end and Firebrands bagged a goal from open play during a spell of sustained pressure.


Bridgwater's game was more attacking in the second half as their focus was to win some penalty corners which they did but failed to convert.  A real chance came when a cross D pass from Charlie Lewis was almost touched in by Jo Bromme.  Bromme was on hand to slot the ball home for the Bridgwater goal after a good build up moved the ball from midfield to the goal line in three passes.  Play continued to move from end to end but neither team increased their score.  


The final result was 1-1 and player of the match was Lucy Burridge.

26 Sep 2015 - Bridgwater Ladies 1st  1 v 3  Shepton Mallet (Home) 

In their opening league game bridgwater hosted newly promoted shepton mallet. The visitors moved the ball well and quickly had bridgwater  on the back foot. A run of short corners were kept out by the home team but finally shepton scored from open play.


A second soon followed. Bridgwater came back with laura coles scoring from a penalty corner strike. The second half saw shepton enjoying spells of possession and a third goal came midway through the half.  Bridgwater struggled to make any difference to the scoreline and the shepton keeper was rarely troubled.


The final score was 3-1 to shepton.


Player of the match was donna cooper.

Sunday 13 Sep 2015 - Somerset Cup

Bridgwater Ladies 1st  3 v 2 Taunton Civil Service Ladies 1st

In this first round of the Somerset Cup the ladies 1s played a very youthful Civil Service team.  Tired legs from the previous day gave a slow start and Civil Service scored an early goal from open play.  A second came mid-way through the first half but, not deterred, Bridgwater continued to press forward and were unlucky not to score before half time.  


The second half saw Bridgwater creating more chances with Kath Briggs and Shannon Coate getting into scoring positions.  The breakthrough came with a goal from Coate followed by a second from Briggs.  With 10 minutes to go Bridgwater scored the winner through Briggs. The final minutes were tense with Civil Service throwing everything at goal to get an equaliser but solid defending from Lucy Burridge, Sue Chaplin and Donna Cooper kept them out.


Bridgwater are through to the quarter finals, where they meet Chard away on 13th December.

Saturday 12 Sep 2015 - Pre-Season Friendly

Bridgwater Ladies 1st  3 v 2 Yeovil

In this pre season friendly Bridgwater were out of the blocks quickly and moved the ball around with pace.  Yeovil were pressed into their half for much of the time.  Bridgwater goals came from Emma Hill via a long corner and Donna Cooper from a short corner, giving them a 2-0 lead at half time.  


For a spell in the second half Bridgwater lost their shape and discipline and the visitors scored two goals in quick succession. The final 15 minutes of the game saw Bridgwater retain composure.  Their passing game returned and attacks were created.  A third and winning goal was scored by Sheila Burridge.

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