Level 1 Umpire Course

Richard Huish College, Taunton - Sunday 21st October - 10:00am to 4:30pm


Places on the course will be reserved on a first come, first served basis and will be restricted to a maximum of 30 candidates.


The cost of the course will be £35 per candidate, however this will be discounted to £25 for any candidate still in full time education. 


The day will cover the theory and the theory exam, which will make (successful!) candidates eligible to umpire league matches, as per regulation 8.a.ii of the league handbook. There is then a 24 month period to complete 3 practice matches and undergo an assessment match - wherever possible the Association will offer practical coaching during this period. 


A registration form is below, which should be completed and returned (details in the form) at the earliest opportunity (email is fine), one form per candidate.


It will be OK to bring payment on the day. 


Please take the opportunity, as it is also expected that the new GB Level 1 course will soon be introduced and, although we do not yet have any precise information, it is expected that the cost could then be doubled.


Form goes to PeterLovell at Sky.com. His address is the footer of the doc.

Level 1 Umpiring Course - Registration Form
Level 1 Umpire Candidate Registration Fo[...]
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Umpiring at Bridgwater Hockey Club

An essential part of all competitive hockey is umpiring - we just can't really manage without it. Bridgwater Hockey Club has a number of qualified umpires - at various levels - and we're always keen for more to step forward.  We actively promote umpiring skills in players of all ages, and there is gudiance available from experienced umpires and umpiring courses available to attend.

Guidelines for Bridgwater Hockey Club Umpires


From our very own President and Umpires Secretary, Geoff Banham. Available as a handy download below.

Essential Equipment

  • Whistle
  • Stopwatch
  • Cards (Green, yellow and red)
  • A top, ideally yellow, but which is a different colour to the two teams. Ideally it should be the same colour as the other umpire
  • Trousers/track suit trousers (ideally not shorts) ideally black
  • A pencil (and a spare) to log score & any cards given
  • A notepad (or write on cards)
  • A coin (to toss up)Additional Desirable Equipment
  • String to tie up any holes there might be in the nets
  • A cap (to cater for strong sunlight)
  • A long sleeved top or rainjacket (colour see above - umpire can’t perform if frozen!
  • Gloves if required, as above
  • Alternative sounding whistle (in case of 2 games side by side)

Preparation and The Game

  • Discuss the game/colour to wear with fellow umpire before the start
  • Check position of goals & repair any holes in nets with string
  • Clear hazards (spare goals etc) around edge of pitch•Decide who will take which side of pitch
  • At Chilton the more experienced umpire should take the side near the dug-outs (to control any subs and coaches)
  • At Chilton any player or coach in front of the fence to be under umpires’ jurisdiction. Everyone else should be behind the fence
  • Agree who will time first half, the other takes second half (both monitor time also)
  • Establish who are actually the captains
  • Introduce yourself to the captains latest at the time of doing the toss
  • Establish how many players each team has nominated. Should ideally have a list of names before the game
  • Remind captains they have overall responsibility for the behaviour of players, both on-field players and substitutes
  • Toss and give winning captain option of choice of end or starting
  • Remember what the selection was
  • Ensure an acceptable match ball is provided (and spares in the event of loss of it)
  • Check only 11 players for each side are on the pitch
  • Ensure both teams (especially goalkeepers) ready before starting
  • Log goals scored as game proceeds
  • Log cards handed out per player’s number and per card colour (by both umpires
  • Discourage fellow club members calling you by name rather than by “umpire”
  • If you lose anything, time etc, stop the game at appropriate point and consult
  • Your jurisdiction continues until the teams leave the pitch area
  • Sign match card at end, giving your umpire number
  • Get your own umpire log signed if required
  • Report to the league any red card awarded on official document (available on website (ashua.org.uk)
  • Try and enjoy home team’s post match hospitality!
Bridgwater Hockey Club - Guidelines for Umpires
Adobe Acrobat document [51.7 KB]

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Training Times
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Wednesdays - 7:00pm to 8:30pm 



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Please arrive 10 minutes ahead ready for an off-pitch warm-up!


Junior Training

Tuesdays 6:00 pm to 7:00pm in term time, starting September.

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