2015-2016 Subscriptions and Match Fees

Here are the subscriptions and match fees for this season. These were set at the AGM on 18 June 2015.

Subscriptions and Membership


All players need to complete a mebership form and pay an annual subscription. A downloadable membership form is available below, and needs to be completed and submitted to the Club Secretary, Bridget Hedaux.


As for subscriptions, in simple terms, 'the earlier you pay your subs in full the cheaper it will be!' 


In order to encourage people to get their subscriptions paid early, the club is providing a discount for paying subscriptions before the end of December.


If you set up a standing order (see the form below) near the beginning of the season to cover the cost over five months at £14 you will qualify for the discount, and the £70 for a senior member.


If you'd like to pay this way, contact your team captain, or the Treasurer, and they will provide you with the form that you need to complete.

This season if you decide to pay 'bit by bit' then the month that you finish your payments will qualify you for the discount. For example if you pay £10 in September but then pay the rest in December the cost will be £90 in total. 


If there is anything you do not understand then please speak to the treasurer.

Standing Order Form
Complete this form to set up a standing order for your subscription
Adobe Acrobat document [219.5 KB]


 Membership Level  Annual Subscription

Paid by end of





Adult £100 £70 £80 £90
Students (16+) £70 £40 £50 £60
Juniors (under 16) £25      

Match Fees


Match Fees are payable every match that you play, to your team captain, on the day (usually Saturday).


Please don’t ‘forget’ your money or forget to pay, as its is a nightmare job for captains if they have to keep chasing you.


This season, to avoid the problems with people owing match fees and the captains having to chase endlessly, we will continue to operate a 'NO PAY NO PLAY' policy if you are behind with match fees or late with subs. So if you are behnd with match fees (or not paid subscriptions) then you will not be eligible for selection!


Match fees will cover team teas, travel expenses and Tuesday evening training.

   Membership Level     Match Fee (per match)

Adult Member

Men and Ladies

Juniors £5

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