Bridgwater Hockey Club - Constitution and Policies

Bridgwater Hockey Club Constitution


We're not always this formal, but here's the smallprint on how this club is constituted and is run:

Bridgwater Hockey Club Constitution 2012/2013
Adobe Acrobat document [238.4 KB]

Equality Policy


Bridgwater Hockey Club as an adffiliated club, has adopted the England Hockey Board's Equality Policy. The document is attached and available for viewing or downloading below.

England Hockey Board Equality Statement
Adobe Acrobat document [115.3 KB]

Respect Code


Bridgwater Hockey Club like all affiliated hockey club's, complies with the England Hockey Board's Respect Code. The document is attached and available for viewing or download below.

England Hockey Respect Code
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Latest League Updates

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Mens 2 Ladies 2
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Training Times at Chilton Trinity 1610 All-weather Pitch.



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Suspended for Summer


Junior Training

Suspended for Summer

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