Code of Conduct - Captains

These are the general conduct guidelines that the club has set out. for anyone taking on the responsibility of being a team captain.


  • There should be fairness to all individuals.
  • Appropriate selection for the appropriate team is a must for the best interests for the Club. Selection is done by the Selection Committee.
  • Captains should encourage players to want to gain promotion to higher teams.
  • Captains should actively promote training, helping to provide a friendly and safe environment. (This issue of particular relevance with the club wishing to go for the Club Mark Award).
  • We need to comply with league rules regarding the doubling up of players, also ensuring that where possible all teams are able to field 11 players. In the case of not being able to fulfil all league games on a given day, the lowest team fixture has to be sacrificed.
  • Players should only move up or down one team at a time unless in exceptional circumstances.•The captains need to ensure there are sufficient drivers/cars for away games (particularly applicable to younger, lower teams).
  • Captains should ensure that the team have the correct colour strip, i.e. a change of shirt colour in the case of an away colour clash. They should encourage the correct colour shorts/skirt & socks.
  • It is the captain’s responsibility to have a number of match balls available for home games (and plenty of practice balls for all games).
  • Captains should wear an armband. They should ensure that there is a first aid kit.
  • HA rules are clear that captains are responsible for the behaviour of players, both on-field players and substitutes. They need to ensure good behaviour (including the avoiding of swearing) towards both opposition and umpires.
  • Captains should themselves pursue, and expect from their team, good sportsmanship. Three cheers should be called at the end of the game. Umpires should be thanked by all players.
  • At home games captains should ensure that someone from the team shows the opposition back to the location for teas, acts as hosts to them and orders teas. There should ideally be at least one club member still present when the opposition depart.
  • Captains should ensure that non-club umpires are invited back for teas. They should ensure non-playing umpires are remunerated (player umpires will be reimbursed by their captain).
  • Captains should ensure that match fees (and subscriptions) are collected promptly and passed to the Treasurer frequently. Match fees should ideally be passed over to the Treasurer only when all the fees from a game have been collected. Fees for the teas should be settled on the day.
  • Captains should try to ensure that a match report is produced and submitted for games by lunchtime on Sunday (latest Sunday night) to The report should not be disparaging to opposition or umpires, or it will run the risk of not being reproduced.
  • Man of the Match votes should be taken for each game to establish the team’s player of the season.
  • The availability of players for the following game should be established.
  • Home league games require the result to be rung in and a league card filled in and posted, complete with the teams’ names and umpires’ names and signatures.
  • Captains should endeavour to promote the position of Club Captain. Players can speak to the Club Captain, in confidence if necessary, about any grievances that they may have within the club.

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