Selection Policy

The following Selection Policy 2017/18 was adopted by the Committee in August 2017:

  1. Selection should primarily be on merit - based on ability, future potential, commitment and team balance.
  2. Selection should be made by a Selection Committee consisting of the team captains with the additional of an adjudicator/chair of selectors (who should be a senior player and committee member - for 2017/18 Carwyn Jenkins for the Men's section and Sheila Burridge for the Ladies' section.
  3. Any issues should be resolved via the team captains in the first instance, then by the chairman of selectors/senior player for the relevant section (Mens or Ladies), and if not then resolved escalated to the full committee via the Club Captain or Chairman.
  4. There should ideally be a meeting to carry out selection. If a meeting is not possible then by email to all captains (with comments as to who is or isn’t selected and why in the body of the email and ideally an attachment of the teamsheet) coupled with direct dialogue between captains of the next team up and down to discuss specific players.
  5. Target 12-13 players for the 1st XI, 11-12 for the other teams. If there are availability issues this should quickly change to 11. The lowest team should not be left with less than 11 if higher teams have more than 11.
  6. Any member owing a large debt (4 match fees) may not be eligible for selection. 
  7. Commitment to regular availability will be taken into account during selection. If a player misses a week due to non-exceptional reasons they may not automatically go back into their normal team, but a lower team. If a player misses a week due to exceptional they may well return to their previous team at the discretion of the Selection Committee.
  8. Members who have not paid subs or set up a standing order by 31st October in the season, may be excluded from selection in accordance with the constitution
  9. Attendance at training may be taken into account during selection.
  10. Players should not be moved up or down more than one team from one week to another, except for availability or exceptional reasons.
  11. If a player is dropped to a lower team they should be informed by the captain doing the dropping at the earliest possible time, with the background
  12. Text / Messenger is the standard method to contact players, email is an alternative; players should respond promptly; if no response forthcoming captains should chase by phone.  

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Training Times (from September)
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